Shopping cart and online payment systems
Take orders online and payments by Credit Cards or other online payment services with ease. eClarity will work with your existing credit card merchant to integrate a checkout system that flows with your existing customer service routine giving shoppers the option to pay online by cheque or pay major credit card. There are also an unlimited number of options when creating a custom post-back system for secure online payment services such as Paypal. Advanced options for web hosting companies are available including but not limited to automated account setup and billing notifications.

Real-time Inventory status
Let your customers know the status of product stock directly from your website. By designing a custom database handler to read and relay stock information from your brick and mortar store to a virtual store. We offer real-time stock integration as an option for our shopping cart customers with SQL and AIX based databases.

Offsite backups
Offsite secure storage is essential to maintain data integrity for businesses that rely on their computer data for day to day operations. eClarity offers a secure compression software agent to reduce bandwidth and space requirements while ensuring your data is encrypted. Files are then transferred over SSH tunneled FTP to a barebones secure server dedicated solely for backup services.

Developer Playgrounds
Work in an offsite web setting to host and test new complex scripts before going live. eClarity's developer playground servers are an unrestricted way to work freely without being hindered by traditional website hosting services. Get your project stable and bug free before introducing it to the end user. Every developer packages comes With full shell scripting capabilities and scable resource quota within a fully managed virtual machine environment.

Reseller services
Web developers looking to offer site hosting services to customers or hosting companies with little or no startup will love what our reseller program has to offer. You will find there is no longer a need for full dedicated server rentals or full time server administration staff with a scalable server quotas. While housed on eClarity's high performance network with servers packed with common used services, your customers will associate this feature rich service with your own branding while building trust and keep the end price for the customer lower.

Dedicated server management
Custom build servers and bandwidth packages can be combined with full on dedicated server management by eClarity's knowledgeable staff. Focus more time on running your business and let eClarity work behind the scenes to manage and keep your Internet presence secure.